About Us

AEI is the premier life support installation company in the United States.

Aquatic Exhibits International, Inc. (AEI) began in 2007 as a life support system specialty construction contractor.


Over the years, we have developed our scope to provide every step related to the planning, design, and installation of aquatic venues and aquariums, and our technicians are known throughout the industry for precision installations.​

Additionally, and often uniquely to the aquarium construction field, a majority of our team has direct animal husbandry experience, having worked in facilities that include Aquarium of the Bay, Monterey Bay, Point Defiance, and supporting formal educations in Biology and AALSO Workshops.


The AEI team has installed more than 300 aquariums and millions of gallons of filtration within fourteen states and five countries. These experiences culminate in an "AEI philosophy" that supports innovation and endless possibilities.