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AEI is the premier life support installation company in the United States.

Aquatic Exhibits International, Inc. (AEI) began in 2007 as a life support system specialty construction contractor.


Over the years, we have developed our scope to provide every step related to the planning, design, and installation of aquatic venues and aquariums, and our technicians are known throughout the industry for precision installations.​

Additionally, and often uniquely to the aquarium construction field, a majority of our team has direct animal husbandry experience, having worked in facilities that include Aquarium of the Bay, Monterey Bay, Point Defiance, and supporting formal educations in Biology and AALSO Workshops.


The AEI team has installed more than 300 aquariums and millions of gallons of filtration within fourteen states and five countries. These experiences culminate in an "AEI philosophy" that supports innovation and endless possibilities.

Thank you to our many partners over the years!

Nick Block

Project Manager

Nick Block received his B.S. in Biology from Humboldt State University and loved college so much that he took six years to keep the fun alive. He finally left school to work in animal care at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where he was involved with a wide range of animals and exhibits. Eventually, he needed to move on to see the world, so he started moving... and moving... and moving. This lifestyle was perfectly suited for work with Aquatic Exhibits International, where he gets paid to travel and see the world, all while building some amazing aquatic exhibits along the way. He is becoming known in the industry for someone who cares about the animals and people involved, and for putting his heart and soul into every installation. There is a lot more to come and the journey is the best part.  

Rich Ventura

Project Manager

Rich has been involved in aquarium construction for over 15 years and brings a wealth of aquarium construction knowledge to the team. He has installed aquariums on every continent and knows how to get it done. Rich wears many hats and keeps the company running while Project Managing any number of projects.  

Al Leun


Al Leun is the owner of the Aquatic Exhibits International (AEI), and is recognized as one of the top LSS professionals in the United States. AEI is known as one of the premiere LSS design/build companies, which is a testament to his ability and commitment to water quality and animal care. Al’s enthusiasm for biology and technical precision is projected onto everything he is involved in, and AEI’s success is a sterling example of why people should do what they love. 

Eric Rapsinski

Senior Superintendent

Eric Rapsinski is a Life Support Specialist of the highest order. Worked at the San Francisco Bay Aquarium and Sea Life Center: Carlsbad-CA as the lead Aquarist/LSS Maintenance specialist for the first 9 years out of University. Eric has the innate ability to find and correct design flaws during construction. His knowledge of LSS hydraulics and construction methodology make him a valuable resource for all aquarium specialty works. Lastly, if you want to know the score of a game ask Eric, he has a near encyclopedic knowledge of sports. 


Aquatic Exhibits International is the premier aquatic life support system installation company in the United States. We are known throughout the aquarium industry for our professional and highly skilled LSS installation team.

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